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Employee Monitoring Software Reviews is intended for CEOs, CTOs, software developers, and IT professionals who need to make a decision as to the right employee monitoring solution for their business.

At Employee Monitoring Software reviews, we test all the major Employee Monitoring Software and provide detailed reviews giving you the information you need to make the perfect choice.

Employee monitoring is a generic term, and can can cover many areas depending on a businesss perspective. On this website, we have chosen the following areas as being essential to all SME sizes:

Attendance Tracking, Productivity Tracking, Application Management, Network Activity Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention, Archive Data Communications, Password Management Mobile Device Compatibility/Management.

The following table provides an at-a-glance comparison of these feature sets across popular employee monitoring products to show you how they stack up against each other.

Features Comparison Table

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Free Trial
Client-Server Based
Modular Features
Attendance Tracking Features
Timekeeping via device login and logoff
Timekeeping via biometrics
Set company wide or individual work schedules
Measure break times for individuals
Holiday accounting
Send automated reports to delinquient employees
Attendance Reports
Most Late Arrivals Report
Most Early Departures Report
Most Lost Work Time Report
Most Extra Work Time Report
Send attendance reports to employee or manager
Set report delivery interval
Normalized Attendance score for every employee
Productivity Tracking Features
Productivity Scores and Reports
Designate website productivity based on job role
Designate app productivity based on job role
Accurate measurements of productive time
Create user productivity groups
Generate normalized productivity scores
Designate productivity groups based on job role/Department
Send productivity reports to employee or manager
Set report delivery interval
Customizable Alerts
   Prohibited Websites alerts
Prohibited Apps Alerts
Keyword Usage Alerts
File Activity Alerts
File Transfer Alerts
Location Alerts
Network Alerts
Application Management Features
Application Usage by Device
Installed apps 
Global Application Inventory Report
Device Application Inventory Report
Prohibit Applications
Prohibit Websites
Prohibition Alerts
Custom warning message
Prohibition Shutdown
Block Websites
Installation audit trail
Application audit trail
Websites Visited audit trail
Data Loss Prevention Features
Insider Threat Detection 
File Transfer Tracking
USB File transfer tracking
Web File transfer tracking
Cloud File Transfer Tracking
Track when USB device is inserted
Track when USB device is removed
File Activity Tracking
Files created
Files copied
Files deleted
Files modified
Source Code Protection 
Receive alerts when source code files are moved 
Track file movements of source code in your network
Track modifications and deletion of source code
Track printing of source code
Clip Board Tracking
Print Tracking
Network Activity Monitoring Features
Track suspicious ports
Track unique connection frequencies
Track bandwidth usage
Network Packet Analysis
Spambot Alerts
DDOS Alerts
Unusual Bandwidth Alerts
Archive Data Communication Features
Record Phone Calls
Log Keystrokes
Log Popular Webmail
Outlook 365
Log Popular Instant Messengers 
Yahoo Messenger
Screenshot Recording
Record screenshots based on a specified time interval
Record screenshots on demand
Application Screenshots
Browser Tracking
Internet Explorer
Search Engine Tracking
Duck Duck Go
The Internet Archive
Browser Keystroke Logging 
Youtube Searches
Password Management Features
Biometric Authentication For Websites
Biometric Authentication For Selected Apps
Centralized Biometric Enrollment for Employees
Active Directory Support
Mobile Device Management Features
Lock Device
Wipe Data
Reset Password
Enable/Disable Camera
Corporate Mode Install
BYOD Mode Install
Track Device Location
Enterprise Features
Floating Client Licenses 
JSON API for Enterprise Integration
Private Hosting Option
Customization/Bepsoke Services

Why Monitor Employees?

Let’s take a look at why someone might want to monitor their employees.

Employee monitoring allows businesses to understand exactly how their staff uses their computers and mobile phones, providing them instant answers to hundreds of common questions that most organizations ask every day, such as:


    • How can I see which employees are productive and which aren’t?
    • How can I prevent sensitive data company data leaving the office?
    • How can I measure employee attendance and absences?
    • How can I do this without a huge investment in hardware and training?

The more productive individual employees can be, the more valuable they become for your business. The best employee monitoring solutions will allow you to track attendance, measure productivity, analyze network activity, identify insider threats, and enhance data loss prevention.

Given the rise of employee disengagement and ever-increasing cybersecurity threats, the need for an effective employee monitoring solution is more important than ever.

This site is designed for company officers looking to cut through all the noise, identify and understand key features, and make an informed decision on which employee monitoring software most suits their needs. Through quality content and user insights, we aim to provide a regularly updated information hub. Ultimately, our purpose is to help key decision makers in a company select the right employee monitoring software to secure sensitive data, improve work processes, and ultimately make better business decisions.

What should you be looking for?

As we mentioned before, we believe the best employee monitoring software should have a few crucial components. We’ll now expand on these in greater detail and explain why they are important, starting with attendance tracking.

Attendance tracking

How many hours are my employees working?

Precisely track and record employee attendance data including timekeeping, absences, and more.

To keep performance levels high, businesses require employees to attend the workplace on a timely and regular basis. Attendance tracking help managers gain a deeper understanding of employee behavior, motivation, and efficiency. Save time and increase convenience via detailed, easy-to-analyze, automated reports. Attendance data can be crossed referenced with other relevant metrics to provide measurable and accurate productivity scores.

Productivity tracking

Are the hours spent in my office productive? What defines productivity?

Genuine job-based productivity measurements and insights.

With research suggesting that 69% of workers are wasting time, and 26% are actively looking for new jobs at work, enhancing productivity has become pivotal to sustainable success for companies.

Get real world metrics that make staff comparisons meaningful. Generate true productivity reports using actual attendance information from biometric sensors, and more. Find out what percentage of worktime employees spend in applications and websites that are productive, non-productive, or prohibited. Data collected can then be used to optimize any decision-making process.

Application Management

What applications are running on my machines? Are my employees slacking or distracted daily?

Get total visibility and control of all apps installed on your network.

Know exactly what apps and websites are being used by employees, provides access control, audit trail, alerts, and instant application inventory reports across all devices. Understand how and when your employees use IM, Webmail, Websites. Cross-reference keystrokes with any other metrics or data collected to gain valuable insights.

Network Activity Monitoring

Are there hidden apps behaving maliciously? Are there spambots or DDOS Zombies operating on my network?

Detect malicious applications and any network irregularities.

Inspect all network packets to determine destinations, frequency, and size to detect rogue applications or suspicious activity. Network analysis can warn about irregular port use and malware such as spambots and DDOS zombies.

Data Loss Prevention

Is company IPR and confidential data being leaked or stolen? What measures can be taken to improve my company’s DLP?

Internal actors are responsible for 43% of data loss, 85% of employees steal data upon leaving, and 64% of security professionals felt data loss prevention (DLP) technology could have prevented data exfiltration event. If you are responsible for your company’s IT security, then you should be asking yourself “What are the best data loss prevention strategies? How can I secure all my endpoints, including mobile”?

The best employee monitoring solutions allow businesses to identify insider threats, track all file movements and modifications, detect malware, and more.

Archive Data Communications

What specifically are the contents of instant messages, emails, chat logs?

Monitor the installation and usage of every application including digital communications generated by these applications.

Protect your business and enforce acceptable behavior policies tracking and archiving IM, Email, Keystrokes, and all employee communications. For example, a powerful search and alerts system for keywords that indicate job searching and other rogue activity.

Password Management

How can I remove the need for my employees to remember their passwords and biometrically enable all my key business applications and websites?

Cutting-edge employee monitoring solutions such as KnowIT offer a Password Manager, a unique DLP initiative. This allows companies to centrally enable biometric authentication for critical websites and applications. Password management is fingerprint scanner compatible and allows employees to access websites and applications without a password; minimizing the threat of data leaks and preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.


Is it possible to monitor my employee’s mobile work devices?

The best employee monitoring solutions will work across all devices and platforms.

Many companies provide employees with company-owned smartphones to make it easier for them to send e-mail, share files, projects, and more. Given the rising trend of overall mobile device usage, including remote work and mobile-based work, businesses should be looking for software that is able to effectively monitor smartphones. The most advanced employee monitoring software will track device location, provide call recording, and even allow managers to listen in on phone calls as they happen.