Cloud-based Employee Monitoring and DLP for PC, MAC, iPhone, & Android

KnowIT is a cloud-based solution which effectively monitors employees, detects insider threats, and prevents data breaches. Designed to increase your company’s productivity and data security, KnowIT provides a complete understanding of how company time and devices are being used by employees, giving key insights that allow you to make better business decisions.

In our opinion, there are certain aspects which make this software a standout solution in the employee monitoring landscape. For one, with KnowIT you can choose which modules are important to you and pay only for the features you require. Starting at $2.99, KnowIT has no minimum user requirement and offers modulated features and pricing, unique JSON API and customization services, and is fully compatible with PC, MAC, iPhone, & Android Devices; these combine to provide the flexibility required for the dynamic nature of any business or industry.

Compared to other employee monitoring software, the categories KnowIT excels at are Communications Tracking, Productivity Tracking, Data Loss Prevention, Mobile Device Management, Attendance Tracking, and Network Activity Monitoring. Especially the latter two, of which KnowIT has more features, depth, and metrics than any other employee monitoring solution on the market.

Furthermore, KnowIT is designed for human-beings – it gives you what you need in an uncomplicated and easy-to-implement platform without unnecessary add-ons or distractions. Key components of the software such as Trackers, Alerts, and Reports all link up for integrated user experience. For example, you can set a Tracker for file transfers of C++ source code which will trigger an Email Alert that can then be sent immediately. While after you will be able to generate and view Reports to track violation trends and take measures to prevent or remediate threats.

After extensive testing, we believe some of KnowIT’s best features include Attendance & Productivity Scoring, Screenshots, Browser Tracking, Email tracking, IM Tracking, File Transfer & Activity Alerts, Keyword Search, Keylogging, Email Reports, a plethora of Built-in or User Alerts, as well as a Biometric Attendance System and Password Manager. The last of which are components unique to the KnowIT platform. Usefully, KnowIT also provides a Keyword Smart Search for most of its features, allowing users to save time they would have spent siphoning through vast amounts of data. However, one limitation we observed is that KnowIT’s data loss prevention currently lacks end-point protection elements, such as the ability to block file transfers before or as they occur.

Overall, KnowIT has all the key features we expect of a quality employee monitoring software and then some. As a manager, C-suite executive, or business owner, KnowIT allows you to leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize productivity and ensure your organization runs as efficiently as possible. Full cross-platform functionality, a smooth and intuitive tile-based interface, flexible modulated pricing, backed by comprehensive monitoring and DLP features make KnowIT an ideal choice for SMEs and larger enterprises.

What should you be looking for? 

We believe there are a few crucial components that an employee monitoring software should offer. Let’s take a look at how KnowIT compares to other solutions.

Key FunctionsProsCons

  • Alerts/Custom alerts

  • Keystroke logging

  • Keyword Search

  • Screenshots / screenshots-on-demand

  • Weekly Attendance & Productivity Summary Reports

  • Daily Productivity & Alert Reports

  • Website and Application Tracking and Management

  • Network activity monitoring

  • File Transfer/Activity Tracking

  • Email/Webmail/Browser/Search Engine/IM tracking

  • Modular Features and Pricing

  • No minimum user requirement

  • Over 50 powerful features

  • Superior System Integratio

  • Attendance & Productivity Tracking

  • Customizable Alerts System

  • 13 Comprehensive Reports

  • Global App and Device Inventory

  • Works across PC, MAC, Android, IOS

  • Comprehensive E-mail Reports (alerts, attendance, employee, productivity)

  • Comprehensive Search Engine and IM Tracking

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Productivity Tracking could use another metric

  • User Interface could use some freshening up

  • DLP not fully featured at the moment, for example does not currently block file transfers

  • Screenshots not available in colour

Attendance Tracking

Of all the employee monitoring software we reviewed, KnowIT offers the most wide-ranging metrics and reports for accurately tracking attendance.

Where most solutions will only record device log-in and log-off times, KnowIT takes a completely different approach by giving greater importance to the finer details of how an employee’s time is spent in the office.

To accurately measure attendance, you will first have to set up employee work schedules individually or by department. After completing the installation process, you will be prompted to set your company’s work hours which will be also used to calculate productivity scores, an aspect which will be expanded on later in this review. Compared to other solutions, KnowIT does more to incorporate relevant attendance metrics and will take into account time zone differences, as well as provide Holiday Accounting which can be customized specifically for each country.

KnowIT’s Attendance Summary comes complete with a set of reports with metrics not found in other monitoring software. In Attendance Reports, you will get an overview of all Late Arrivals, Early Departures, Absences, Extra Hours, as well as an Overall Attendance Score for each employee. KnowIT’s Attendance Score is expressed as percentage and is calculated with the following formula:

((On Time Arrival + On Time Departure) / (Expected Working Days * 2)) * 100

Having access to insights such as who your top five workers and slackers are by the hour will provide you with a better understanding of the patterns of your workforce, as well as a tangible first step to immediately start optimizing productivity in a measurable way.

KnowIT’s attendance reports are presented in bar graph form, allowing managers to easily understand changes over time and visualize trends for their organization’s most important attendance statistics. To access complete attendance and productivity reports, simply click directly on any employee’s name.

Administrators will also have the option to set Weekly Attendance & Productivity Reports to be sent via email to both managers and employees, allowing for employee self-evaluation and accountability, as well as quantifiable metrics for improvement. Furthermore, all the attendance metrics that KnowIT provide can be cross-referenced with their productivity score to find any meaningful connections and insights.

Unique to KnowIT is a Biometric Attendance System, a feature which ensures attendance accuracy that can be especially useful for large companies. Traditional attendance & time tracking systems such as those offered by other employee monitoring solutions have a critical flaw: they cannot verify if the person logging in to the device is who they say they are. Truants can have a co-worker sign in for them or fudge time sheets – fraudulent practices to falsely claim hours of work and effectively steal time from employers. On the other hand, KnowIT’s Biometric Attendance System via fingerprint accurately tracks attendance, providing data that can be cross-referenced with other relevant metrics to give accurate attendance and productivity scores. This can be especially useful for companies with a large or distributed workforce. The result is higher accountability, less human error, cleaner records, and finer metrics of employee attendance and productivity.

Overall, KnowIT visualizes attendance data like no other employee monitoring software, letting you easily spot outliers, detect trends, and identify which employees or departments are not complying with attendance policies. Armed with this information, companies can appropriately identify ways to increase productivity and improve employee engagement.

Productivity Tracking

Compared to other employee monitoring software, KnowIT approaches Productivity Tracking differently, and in our opinion, for the better.

Specifically, KnowIT incorporates the finer metrics of attendance tracking in its productivity score, an aspect which other solutions neglect. It also provides key insights through detailed productivity reports which can be sent to both managers and employees on a daily and weekly basis.

Like many other employee monitoring software, KnowIT’s productivity tracking is primarily based upon assigning productive, neutral, and unproductive values to websites and applications, and measuring the amount of time employees spend on them.

To start tracking productivity accurately, access the Productivity tab where you will be prompted to Assign Productivity Groups, which by default are categorized into Development, Marketing, and HR/Admin. This is important because different job roles by nature should have different productivity metrics. The time spent on specific websites and apps may be productive for some, while the same may not be for others. For example, your social media officer would be expected to be on social media platforms such as Facebook for 5 hours a day, while the same activity for a software developer should raise concerns regarding their productivity. Depending on the nature of your business, you will also be able to create new productivity groups for different departments from scratch and assign productivity values as required.

Let’s take a look at how KnowIT calculates productivity.

KnowIT’s basic Productivity Score is calculated with the following formula, where productive time is defined as productive web and app usage, and does not include unauthorized absences:

(Productive Time – (Break Time – Break Allowance) / Expected Work Time) * 100

An employee’s expected work time is defined by their expected start and finish times, excluding time for their break allowances. Where most monitoring solutions will simply record and report employee time spent in productive and unproductive apps and websites, KnowIT generates a normalized productivity score that allows for direct comparison between employees and departments. In a nutshell, KnowIT lets you see who’s performing and who’s not based on your assigned productivity metrics combined with in-depth attendance data expressed in an easy-to-understand percentage score.

KnowIT also generates Daily Productivity Reports which can be sent directly via email. It details an employee’s Average Productivity Score and provides a list of your company’s Most Productive and Least Productive employees each day, allowing you to swiftly assess efficiency among your employees, individually or by department.

Furthermore, a Weekly Attendance & Productivity Report is sent via email every Monday morning, providing managers with an at-glance-summary of overall productivity. You will be able to view a round-up of the past week’s top performers and quickly identify and troubleshoot any problem areas for the rest of the week. Currently, this feature cannot be customized. In the future, it would be nice to have the option to send these summary reports on different days, as not every country’s workweek starts on a Monday. Another component which KnowIT offers that is not found in other solutions is the ability to send Productivity Reports directly to an employee’s email, allowing for self-evaluation and self-improvement.

In Top Reports, the Top 5 Most Productive Employees and Bottom 5 Least Productive Reports are a good way for administrators to quickly identify hard workers and slackers over a given time frame. Lastly, any productivity insights can be verified through Keystroke Logging and Screenshot Recording as follow-up mechanisms in cases of low efficiency.

KnowIT’s Productivity Tracking helps your business identify unproductive trends, efficiency killers, and your organization’s top slackers. While at the same time providing the data you need to reward your top performers through a clear and measurable evaluation system.

Compared to other employee monitoring software, KnowIT delivers a more accurate Productivity Score by taking into consideration refined attendance statistics which allow you to see what is really happening in your workforce.

Application Management

KnowIT offers all the application management features that we recommend you look for in an employee monitoring software.

For $2 a month, the Application & Websites module lets you keep track of all app and web usage in your company. It provides a global and device inventory, access control, audit trails, alerts, as well as detailed reports for trend analysis.

In Restrictions, you can designate what happens when an employee accesses a prohibited application or website. Administrators will be able to set up alerts, prohibit access, terminate the application, and even shut down the computer. You can also set-up Alerts specifically for categories such as New Application Installed, Prohibited Application Installed, Unknown App Usage, and Browsers Accessed. Creating custom alerts and restricting access to risky or disruptive applications and websites are key examples of how KnowIT helps to improve productivity and enhance your company’s security.

Furthermore, KnowIT also provides a detailed Audit Trail or log of all websites and applications visited, by which employees and how often.  In Applications Report, managers will have access to several useful reports including Top Application Installing Users, Top Used Applications, and Top Application Users. Unlike other solutions, KnowIT not only tracks the software applications which your employees use and the specific URLs of webpages visited, but it also provides a full Application Inventory and a list of Top Installed Applications throughout your network. Giving you access to a list of all applications installed on each or all devices.

In addition to fully-featured application monitoring and access control, KnowIT also provides equally great features for tracking employee web usage. In the Top Reports Section, administrators will have access to two website reports. The Top 5 Websites Report displays the five most popular websites visited by your employees, allowing you to conveniently classify them as productive, neutral, unproductive, or prohibited in Productivity Groups if needed. While the Top Web Users Report details how your employees are spending most of their time on the internet, this data can be cross-referenced with productivity and attendance scores for further insight.

All-round, KnowIT provides total visibility and control of all apps installed on your network, as well as the ability to regulate and view reports for all websites visited. This allows companies to fully understand how websites and applications correlate with employee outcomes and identify what areas they should be focusing on improvement.

Data Loss Prevention

KnowIT offers sufficient Data Loss Prevention measures to secure your company’s source code, IPR, and other sensitive information.

Currently, KnowIT’s DLP features are primarily based on built-in/custom/keyword alerts, restricting access to malicious applications/websites, and monitoring potentially hazardous irregular network activity. However, a limitation is that KnowIT’s data loss prevention features set currently lacks an important element of endpoint security, the ability to block file transfers and other unauthorized data transfers before they occur.

When it comes to data loss prevention, KnowIT provides more alert options and customizability than most employee monitoring software we reviewed. Built-in Alerts are predefined global alerts for all devices such as Prohibited Application Installed, Unknown Application Usage, Prohibited Website Accessed, and more. You can also create global or device-specific User Alerts such as for file transfers or keyword alerts for email content which indicate rogue behaviour. Administrators will have the option to set alert reports to be sent immediately when a violation occurs, or as a daily summary.

KnowIT offers File Activity Tracking, File Activity Alerts, and File Activity Reports. The solution tracks and provides alerts for all file activity including actions such as transfer, rename, edit, delete, and copy. Once again, alerts and reports can be sent directly to both the manager and employee as required.

KnowIT also offers File Transfer Alerts and File Transfer Reports. In our opinion, what makes these KnowIT features standout from other solutions are the specific alerts for source code file transfers. Specifically, KnowIT tracks and provides alerts for file transfers of C++ Source Code, Java Source Code, and Python source code. The ability to easily set alerts for these specific programming languages is not found in other monitoring software. For example, some solutions may provide this type of feature but will require the user to input commands manually.

Apart from these built-in and user alerts, administrators can also create new Custom Alerts for all file transfers based on file names, or if the file contains a specific set of words, as well as file types and extensions. Compared to other monitoring software that offer File Activity and File Transfer Alerts, KnowIT provides a ready-to-implement solution.

In addition, managers can visit Top Reports to view a summary of which employees are the most active when it comes to file activity and transfers. Allowing them to assess risk, view violation trends, and identify repeat offenders. They will be also able to follow-up on any triggered alerts by examining the employee’s Key Logs and Screenshots.

In Trackers, KnowIT provides a USB Tracker feature for mass storage devices, port devices, and CDROMs. This tracker can be set up to track and provide an alert each time a portable device is used on any computer in your company. When a device activity occurs in your organization’s network, managers will have access to pertinent information such as device name, type, the action taken, as well as the date and time the event occurred.

As mentioned in Application Management, KnowIT lets you Block Websites and Applications which you consider malicious or risky. Restricting access to websites and applications is an effective way to prevent malicious intruders into your company’s network and prevent accidental or intended data leaks. For example, administrators will be able to enforce a company-wide application usage policy by making it mandatory for employees to use the company’s SharePoint, while at the same time block any access to external cloud services such as Amazon or Google Drive.

However, one limitation of KnowIT is that although the solution offers a comprehensive DLP alerts system, the user is currently unable to physically block these file or device transfers. Despite not providing this aspect of endpoint protection, KnowIT nevertheless offers a superior set of data loss prevention features compared to other employee monitoring tools, especially with regards to network threats.

Today, the risk of network threats such as denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), botnets, and phishing are growing more prevalent and robust.

“26% of DDOS attacks lead to data loss, while 9 in 10 companies who experienced a DDOS attack also had a significant data breach”.

Considering the scope of data loss prevention features offered by the employee monitoring software we reviewed, we believe that what KnowIT currently lacks in endpoint protection, it makes up for in Network Activity Monitoring. Compared to other solutions, KnowIT does far more to detect and provide alerts for DDoS, Botnets, and other network threats associated with data loss and leaks.

Network Activity Monitoring

KnowIT offers in-depth network analysis, alerts, reports, and key insights into what type of traffic, packets, and data are flowing through your network.

Given the ever-increasing instances and variety of today’s cybersecurity threats, a reliable and secure network is of crucial importance to any organization. Are there hidden apps behaving maliciously? Are there spambots or DDOS zombies operating on my network? These are some of the questions you should be asking when it comes to your company’s network security.

Unfortunately, most of the employee monitoring software we reviewed offer little to no network activity monitoring, while those that do such as Teramind or InterGuard will simply track bandwidth usage. Comparatively, KnowIT does a lot more to detect malicious applications and network irregularities. Through Network Analysis, Network Alerts, and Network Reports, combined with Trackers for Network Connections and Network Traffic, KnowIT provides a complete picture of your company’s network condition and threats in real-time, allowing you to proactively detect and prevent network threats.

A key aspect of KnowIT’s Network Activity Monitoring is Network Packet Analysis, which inspects all network traffic to determine destinations, frequency, and size in order to detect rogue applications or suspicious port usage. Packet data is parsed, extracted and represented in a simple human-readable form presented in bar graphs, allowing you to swiftly perform effective forensic analysis of all data transferred through your company’s network.

Furthermore, users will be warned about irregular port use and malware threats such as spambots and DDOS zombies through a customizable Alerts System. Administrators will be able to set thresholds for irregular network activity for the detection of DDOS Zombies, Botnets, and Spambots. For example, Botnet Alerts can be customized based on the number of unique hosts overtime, while DDoS Alerts and Spambot Alerts can be customized based on outgoing packets per host. Threshold-based network monitoring such as these will allow you to detect, identify, and troubleshoot network issues before they infiltrate your network and compromise your data.

Additionally, KnowIT’s Bandwidth Alerts can be customized based on maximum file download or upload sizes, while on the Main Dashboard a list of Top 5 Bandwidth Consumers for the entire company is conveniently presented for quick viewing. These features allow companies to identify the biggest bandwidth consumers and take any restrictive or throttling actions as needed.

In Network Traffic Reports, KnowIT provides detailed reports on all traffic occurring across your company’s network. The Top Network Protocols Report allows you to see which protocols employees are using the most, which can be furthered examined using the File Transfer Tracker to see exactly what data is being sent or received. The Top Network Users Report indicates which users are using the most bandwidth and sending the most data using the network per day. The Top Remote Connections Report lets you see the most popular remote connections used by employees to spot potential file transfer activity that may be considered risky or unproductive.

These Network Traffic Reports will provide your company with the vital information needed to detect anomalies in network behavior. Ultimately this helps to save time and costs involved in recovering from an attack which is about to occur.

Based on our reviews, KnowIT is the only device monitoring product we looked at that combines application and packet-level analysis in one package. Furthermore, the depth of KnowIT’s network analysis and metrics allow companies to be proactive rather than reactive to network threats. Administrators will be able to monitor traffic movement and performance throughout their company’s network to ensure that there are no underlying or potential security breaches.

Compared to other solutions, KnowIT offers the most comprehensive Network Activity Monitoring features, providing a highly effective tool to maintain the smooth operation and security of your company’s entire network.

Communications Tracking

KnowIT offers all the Communications Tracking features you would expect to find in an employee monitoring solution. You can gain access to them for 10$ per month per user by purchasing KnowIT’s Data Communication Module.

Compared to other monitoring software, the solution offers a comprehensive set of communication tracking features which include Keystroke Logging, Instant Messenger Tracking, Email & Webmail Tracking, Screenshot Recording, Browser Tracking, Browser Video Tracking, Search Engine Tracking, and Call Recording.

Many of KnowIT’s Communications Tracking features have a data loss prevention aspect to them. For example, most will have Built-in or Custom Alerts that can be used to indicate rogue behavior or flag actions that may lead to potential security breaches. Furthermore, a Keyword Smart Search is available on each features section to help managers locate relevant information in a timely manner.

KnowIT offers Keystroke Logging, which in our opinion is a fundamental communications tracking component for any employee monitoring software. Keystroke Logging records all keyboard input employees make on their computers over the course of their daily activities. From Instant Messages and E-mails to Search Engines and more, KnowIT allows you to set Custom Keyword Alerts which may indicate rogue behavior or potential security breaches. Such as when an employee types the words ‘steal’, ‘source code’, or ‘hack’.

Next, KnowIT provides great remote monitoring capabilities through Screenshot Recording, a feature which can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Users can set Scheduled Screenshots to be taken at regular intervals, Custom Alert Screenshots which can be set-up for when an employee accesses certain apps or websites, and Screenshots-on-Demand. The last of which is a feature not offered by all employee monitoring software. Screenshots are a good way to follow-up on an alert that was triggered, or to keep track of the progress or lack thereof by out-sourced contractors or remote workers. One negligible limitation of this feature is that unlike ActivTrak or Teramind, KnowIt’s screenshots are currently not available in colour. However, while some solutions may have additional charges if you exceed the screenshots limit, KnowIT will allow you to take as many screenshots as you need without incurring extra costs.

KnowIT does not simply monitor the installation and usage of every application but also tracks all digital communication generated by these applications. KnowIT offers IM Tracking for most popular messengers including Line, Skype, FB Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and QQ. It also provides Email and Webmail Tracking for the most widely-used email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Of all the monitoring software reviewed, KnowIT offers the most comprehensive list of service providers for Search Engine Tracking. From global search engines such as Google and Yahoo to popular Asian engines Naver and Baidu, and deep web search engine Yippy to the up-and-coming incognito engine Duck Duck Go; KnowIT’s ability to offer more variety and coverage combined with the capacity to set keyword alerts for search terms, make the solution’s search engine tracking capabilities among the very best in the industry.

Furthermore, KnowIT tracks all browser activity. Browser Tracking will keep track of all websites your employees visit during working hours, providing information such as visit count, total time spent, and last use date. While Video Browser Tracking, a feature we did not find in other solutions, is available for popular service providers Youtube and Vimeo. Conveniently, you will be able to click on each instance recorded to go straight to the domain or URL of webpages and browser videos which employees visited to follow up on whether the activity was work-related.

KnowIT also visualizes the most important office communications for administrators in simplified form. For example, in Top Reports and the Main Dashboard, reports such as Top Webmail Users and Top IM Users are available to provide you with an idea of who sends the most emails and messages in the workplace.

KnowIT offers one of the most comprehensive Communications Tracking features sets available in the employee monitoring software sector today. For example, the solution’s ability to specifically track Chinese Instant Messengers and Search Engines QQ and Baidu are components not seen in other monitoring software. This unique quality, cross-platform tracking, combined with DLP keyword alerts for most of its communication Trackers, makes Data Communication one of KnowIT’s best modules.

Password Management

Available at $5 per month, KnowIT’s Password Manager module offers a useful collection of features to enhance your company’s data security and prevent data breaches. Specifically, KnowIT helps remove the leading cause of data breaches by eliminating the need for your employees to know passwords when accessing websites and protected applications.

Why is this important?

Weak or compromised passwords are one of the primary reasons for security and data breaches. If not managed appropriately, passwords can be the weakest link in your organization as even the strongest passwords cannot resist sophisticated hacker attacks. In fact, according to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Report, “70% of data breaches are caused by humans having to remember complex passwords”.

While some employee monitoring software may be able to sync with your Google account for sign-in and two-factor authentication, KnowIT takes password security to another level with Biometric Authentication and Access Control for third-party websites and applications and Centralized Biometric Enrollment for Employees, complimented by Active Directory Support.

The main basis of KnowIT’s Password Manager module is based on Access Control via Biometric Authentication, effectively removing the human element of employees having to remember multiple passwords by allowing them to use their fingerprints to log-in instead. In this way, access to protected company resources is restricted to only approved employees. Furthermore, KnowIT lets you conveniently import employees and departments into the password manager client application directly from Windows Active Directory. Once set up is complete, employees will be able to log in to websites and applications from any KnowIT PC using a compatible finger scanner.

Do we really need this?

Fingerprint scanning provides a greater degree of security and convenience compared to other traditional authentication mechanisms offered by other employee monitoring software. Being able to biometrically regulate access to websites is important because in many instances, websites are repurposed to send spam, participate in DDoS attacks, as well as store and deploy malicious codes onto your network. Implementing biometric authentication throughout your organization for employees who administer any websites, applications, or databases will go a long way to securing your intellectual property and other sensitive information.

In our opinion, the main advantage of KnowIT’s Password Manager is that it offers a fool-proof method of identifying and verifying employees and their access credentials. While at the same time providing a clear audit trail of access to applications or website services which may contain your company’s sensitive information, such as DropBox or Google Drive.

To summarize, KnowIT’s Password Manager is a unique feature which removes the need for employees to remember passwords or carry swipe cards by providing a centralized framework utilizing biometric fingerprint scanning for effective website and application access control.

Mobile Device Management

KnowIT’s MDM solution specializes in the management of Android devices. It is currently offered free of charge as part of KnowIT Standard for Mobiles [LINK], which is available for [N/A] with a 14-day free trial. In our opinion, KnowIT offers one of the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management modules of all the employee monitoring software we reviewed.

Why Mobile Device Management?

Today, BYOD and remote work are on the rise with more and more employees working on the go – 74% of companies allow employees to work on their own device, while 66% of all emails are read on a smartphone or tablet. Unsurprisingly, mobile devices are susceptible to being lost or stolen, to ensure data security you must consider off-site as well as on-site protection. An effective Mobile Device Management will manage, monitor, and secure all mobile devices in your workforce.

KnowIT’s MDM is browser-based, allowing you to access the portal from anywhere, from PCs and tablets to mobile devices and Smart TVs. KnowIT MDM offers several useful features to ensure data security, allowing you to protect your business in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen. Primarily, KnowIT MDM provides you with the ability to locate, lock, and wipe devices.

Importantly, unlike some solutions, KnowIT’s MDM does not require any device rooting.

With KnowIT’s MDM solution, you will be able to Track Device GPS location, handily presenting a record of all locations the device has been. For example, if your employee accidentally leaves a mobile device that contains your company’ sensitive information in a taxi, you will be able to conveniently track the device location for retrieval. Geofencing Alerts can also be set for when a device enters or leaves a geographically defined area.

In the unfortunate scenario where you are unable to retrieve the device, KnowIT offers effective remedies to prevent data loss by allowing you to Remote Lock, Reset Password, or even Remote Wipe the device. Having these fail-safe measures mean employees can enjoy the benefits of an efficient BYOD policy such as the ability to work at home or on-the-go, while ensuring productivity and security for the organization.

Furthermore, the ability to Enable or Disable Camera is a great security feature which allows or disallows camera hardware from being used on any apps. For example, users will be unable to take photos, video, or use Facetime.

KnowIT MDM also has Flexible Installation Options, namely BYOD and Corporate modes, giving you the option to install with or without factory resetting a device. With Corporate Mode Installation you will gain access to all MDM features, however, this will require factory resetting the device. On the other hand, BYOD Mode Installation will provide most MDM features, with the exception of Reset Password and Lock Device features. This type of flexibility is unavailable in other employee monitoring software that offer mobile device management which we reviewed.

Because KnowIT’s MDM solution comes bundled with KnowIT Standard for Mobiles, you will not only get the benefits of device management, but also other powerful features which combine to form a complete security solution not available with other employee monitoring software. Some of these features include Phone Call Recording, Data Capturing, Text Messaging, Multimedia, Application Tracking, and Reports. Although KnowIT MDM is currently only available on Android, other features found in KnowIT Standard for Mobiles will offer IOS compatibility. To find out more visit [LINK].

With effective mobile security software such as KnowIT’s MDM solution in place, businesses can rest easy with the peace of mind that their sensitive data will remain secure, on and off-site.


Starting at $2.99, KnowIT offers modulated features and pricing, allowing the user to select and pay only for what they truly need.

With other employee monitoring software, the user will often end up paying a lump sum for features they may not actually need or licenses they do not require, especially in cases where there is a minimum-user requirement.  However, to get the most out of KnowIT we do recommend bundling at least 2 to 3 modules together, the choice of which will depend on your company’s specific needs.

For a fully-featured solution, the KnowIT Standard Monthly Subscription will provide you with all-important modules: Productivity & Attendance, Applications & Websites, File Transfers & Activity, Data Communication, and Network Activity Monitoring for only $21 per month per user.

Additionally, KnowIT also provides a 10% discount if you select the annual billing option.

To find out more visit

The Verdict

Overall, KnowIT is a top-of-the-line software for enhancing productivity and securing your company’s data.

Compared to other monitoring software, KnowIT is an all-in-one solution that allows organizations to protect their intellectual property from insider threats and external intruders, while also enhancing efficiency by identifying productivity killers. Companies can get started instantly with an intuitive set-up and implementation process and are able to choose and pay only the features they need without any minimum user requirement, allowing them to get maximum value from their budgets.

KnowIT provides greater business coverage than other employee monitoring software as it is compatible with PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android systems. In our opinion, KnowIT is simply able to offer more depth (trackers, alerts, and reports), especially when it comes to Attendance and Productivity Tracking, Communications Tracking, Network Activity Monitoring, Mobile Device Management, as well as unique features such as Biometric Attendance System and Password Manager.

In many software reviewed, features were often highly disparate, this is far from the case with KnowIT. The main components of KnowIT’s tiled-based interface (Trackers, Alerts, & Reports) synchronize to create a secure, reliable and powerful monitoring and data loss prevention IT infrastructure where everything is under your control – from website and app blocking, to screenshots and file transfer alerts and more – KnowIT  provides all the capabilities and customizability you should be looking for in an employee monitoring software. Ultimately, a flexible pricing structure combined with industry-leading modulated features make KnowIT an ideal choice for start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises of any industry.